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How Liquor Slows Down Food Digestion - healthyinfo.org
How Liquor Slows Down Food Digestion

And also right here, in order to offer those who are not accustomed to, the process of food digestion, a clear idea of that essential operation, as well as the effect generated when liquor is taken with food, we price estimate from the lecture of an English physician, Dr. Henry Monroe, on "The Physiological Action of Alcohol." He says:

"Every kind of drug utilized by a guy as food is composed of sugar, carbohydrate, oil and also glutinous concerns, mingled together in numerous proportions; these are developed for the support of the pet framework. The glutinous principles of types of food fibrine, albumen, as well as casein, are utilized to develop up the framework; while the oil, starch and sugar are primarily used to generate heat in the body.

"The first action of the digestive process is the breaking up of the food in the mouth byways of the jaws as well as teeth. On this being done, the spit, a viscid alcohol, is put into the mouth from the salivary glandular, and as it blends with the types of food, it does a really important component in the procedure of food digestion, making the starch of the food soluble, and also slowly changing it right into a sort of sugar, after which the other concepts end up being more miscible with it. When the types of food has actually been chomped and also blended with the saliva, it is after that passed right into the tummy, where it is acted after by a juice discharged by the filaments of that organ, as well as poured into the tummy in large amounts whenever food comes in contact with its mucous layers.

If to another vial of food and also gastric juice, treated by the very same means, I add a glass of pale ale or a quantity of liquor, at the end of seven or eight hrs, or also some days, the food is hardly acted upon at all. Alcohol could not be taken into consideration either as food or as a synthetic cleaning agent for types of food. Spirit, in any type of quantity, as a dietary complement, is pernicious on account of its high antibacterial qualities, which withstand the food digestion of food by the absorption of water from its fragments, in straight antagonism to the chemical procedure.".

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